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High Quality Formal Wear For The Little Guy!

Tinytux is your boys' formal wear headquarters! Whether you are looking for boys' suits, boys' tuxedos or a simple boys' vest and tie set we have what you need. With the many options we have available for sizing and styles in our tuxedos and suits for boys' you can't go wrong. Most all of our boys' suits start at about an infant large all the way up to a size twenty so we have you covered if you need a toddler tuxedo, an infant suit or a formal ensemble for your young man.

We also carry a complete line of boys formal wear accessories to complement your boys tuxedos and boys suits from boys suspenders, vest and tie sets or boys tuxedo shirts. We know what its like to be on a budget so we keep our prices competitive with out compromising the quality of our products.

Shop on our site with confidence. carries a diverse line of boys suits and tuxedos. We have the traditional boys black tuxedos and boys black suits as well as boys white tuxedos. We also offer harder to find suits and tuxedos in ivory, chocolate and grey. TinyTux features boys zoot suits, the ever popular suits featuring broader shoulders, longer coats and classic pinstripes. To complete the look add a boys zoot suit chain and boys fedora. We offer boys tuxedo shoes, boys tuxedo shirts, boys dress pants and boys formal suspenders all sold individually. We also have an array of colors available in our boys vest and tie packages and our boys cummerbund and bow tie sets.

What about if you're looking for something a little less formal? TinyTux also offers a complete line of boys eton suits, boys short sets and the time honored boys knicker sets. Don't forget to check out our boys cruise attire or nautical wear.

Things To Consider When Buying A Boys Suit

It's happened time and again to parents everywhere. You open an invitation and quickly get that sinking feeling in your stomach. Although the wedding, graduation, formal party, or other exciting event sounds like a ton of fun, it means you have to go shopping for boys tuxedos or boys suits. Shopping for formalwear for children doesn't have to be a stressful or budget busting experience. If you keep the following three factors in mind when shopping, you are sure to find the perfect boys suits at the right price that will make your child feel and look like a million bucks.

Occasion And Time Of Year

One of the first factors to consider when shopping for boys tuxedos and boys suits is the occasion. For example, in the case of a wedding, check to see if the attire should match the groomsmen in color or style before making a choice. In addition, keep the time of year in mind. For example, boys shorts sets for children may be more appropriate for an outdoor summer event rather than heavier wool fabrics. Most of our childrens suits can be worn year round. Most childrens tuxedos and boys suits are easy to match to a wedding party because of the multiple colors they come in. Combine a boys tuxedos or boys suits with one of our numerous vest options and you will be sure to find a combination that fits your needs. By keeping the type of occasion and time of year in mind, you are sure to make the best style selection in boys suits for the event and for your child.

Selecting The Right Size

Boys do grow quickly and although parents traditionally prefer to purchase a size or two larger than their regular size to allow room to grow, it's not a good idea with childrens formalwear and boys suits. In order to achieve a crisp and polished look, childrens tuxedos and boys suits should have a perfect fit. Not only will formalwear cut to fit look better, but also your child will feel better in a well-fitted jacket and pants than in a too big ensemble that looks more like he's playing dress-up, rather than attending an elegant event. We offer boys tuxedos, boys suits, toddler tuxedos, and infant tuxedos in sizes ranging from infant small to boys 20. Luckily, we offer discount boys tuxedos and boys suits for children that feature an immaculate designer fit at a price that won't break the bank.

Accessories For A Special Touch

Don't forget about accessories when selecting boys suits or boys tuxedos, especially for more formal events. Everyone knows childrens formal attire just isn't complete without a boys dress shirt, tie, belt, and boys formal shoes, but additional accessories can take a boys tuxedo or boys suits from plain to high style. If your child really wants to make a statement, consider styles of boys suits with complementary accessories such as top hats, fedoras, boys cummerbunds, pocket squares, boys vest sets, and boys cufflinks. By considering the occasion and time of year, the quality of the retailer and the fabric, available accessories, and the right size, you will have fun choosing boys suits and formalwear that make your child look and feel great for any type of event.